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* Do you know what DNSSEC is?

Suggested article: DNSSEC service

DNSSEC or Domain Name System Security Extension is a set of specifications that extend the DNS protocol by adding cryptographic authentication for responses received from authoritative DNS servers. It prevents attackers from manipulating or poisoning the responses to DNS requests.

Using DNSSEC guarantees that visitors are directed to your serve IP when they type your domain name into a web browser. Thus avoiding man-in-the-middle attacks (like DNS spoofing) and other types of manipulations during the resolution.

There are two important reasons to start using DNSSEC today:

  • Authentication of the data’s origin. It is crucial to be sure if the zone data is coming from the right authoritative name server.
  • Authentication of the data’s integrity. An essential part of DNSSEC is to check that the data hasn’t been modified in any way after its origin (the authoritative server).

So, if you are interested in DNSSEC and you are ready to start using it, we recommend you to take a look at this page about DNSSEC service.